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1980-’82    At 16, formed Funkapolitan with my brother and friends. Recording contract with London/Phonogram Records and experienced chart success in both Europe and the US, playing on Top of the Pops. Toured worldwide and performed as opening act for The Clash in New York.Recorded 1st Single “As The Time Goes By” at Electric LadyLand Studios with Producer August Darnell. Who also produced album at Pete Townsends’ Eel Pie Island Studio.

1985 Dick Grove School of Music, with “The” Dick Grove.Adam Levy, Aaron Mclain, Robert Trujillo, Darius Lapenne. Odell.
Performed with Stephen “Tintin” Duffy, (Guy Pratt,Jake LeMesurier) on The Tube Performed with Bryan Ferry on Top of the Pops

The Lilac Time (Creation Records): “Astronauts” – Tours, TV & Radio promos and live radio.

“The Rain Falls Deepest On The Shortest Haircut”. Weirdly erroneously credited to Stephen Duffy.

Live BBC sessions at Maida Vale.

1987 Congress Band with Tarka Kings, David Ogilvy, Louis Elliot, Eg White, Chester Kamen,Kadir Guirey, Gary Wallis.
1990 – 1993    Performed and Recorded with Nigel Kennedy. Australian and European tours. Live at WOMAD. Co-wrote song Ginger with Nigel Kennedy on album Arcane on Real World recording label.
Recorded with Peter Gabriel and Karl Wallinger during Real World Recording Week. Leona Ness. John Reynolds and Andrea Oliver. 

Music in Colours Stephan Duffy/Nigel Kennedy.

Gareth Sager C.C. Sager  Live Album  recorded at Orinoco studios before Oasis.

“Hey Dad What Do Poets Eat For Tea? Pork and Opium Son Pork and Opium”


Robert Trujillo (Pre Ozzy, Metallica, time of; Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves.), In L.A.2 albums of crazy experimental free form heavy heavy ROCK-Rawk, music, guitars tuned down to low B which was more unusual then.


Played guitar on Roachford’s hit song: Ride the Storm.
1995 Recorded album with Wendy James.

Adam Peters New York band; Family of God. “You Miserable English Creep” ,and others.Played all too briefly with the young Dave Ocuma and Tom Herbert .

Worked with production advertising companies: Lotown, Adelphoi, Montagu-Bourcier.




1996 Slava Grigoryan’s great classical Russian/Australian guitarists’ album “Dance of the Angel”.
1995-1997  Guitar Bass Drums Trio progressive-harmonic-rhythmic, with drummer Thomas Lang, Bassists; Derek “Jingles” Jingoree, Rory Mcfarlane,Julian Crampton, recorded album of my compositions with producer Mark Dodson.

Belinda Carlisle: Music of Edith Piaf .
Journey of Life in 9 Minutes. Co-wrote & produced recorded with Jhelisa Andersen.

Trio with Tim Herniman and Dorian Ford.
Co-founder of Saloon Star Band 

Performed for HRH Prince Of  Wales 60th Birthday with Rod Stewart band opening show and HRH Duchess of Cornwall- 60th birthday.
Played at Wigmore Hall Jazz Lectures, hosted by Sandy Burnett for BBC Radio 3: live jazz performance trio with Sandy and Julian Ferraretto, and lecture on the comparison of Jazz and Baroque music, plus Q+A with audience.


Sparky and Marky Band with Dorian Ford, Richard Spaven, Michael Bailey, Level Neville Malcolm.Frank Tontoh.

2006 North Sea Jazz Festival Jhelisa Andersen band with Mark Mondesir, Tony Kofi, Robert Mitchell.


Stayed in Dutch Gypsy encampment in hand made caravan studied with Lollo Meir.

Advertising music company.Many ads and campaigns including:


HSBC campaign for JWT. Mini. A.A. Documentary; “Absolute Rubbish” Jonathan Miller.
2008 THE ISLAND. Music  Programmer. Live JAZZ and IMPROVISED music events.

2009-2013 Acoustic Jazz Quartet with Violin, Julian Feraretto, Dbl Bass,Andy Hamill, Accordion,Marcus Tilt.

Tina Grace Band.
2012-2013 Performed in About Time (Richard Curtis/Working Title film), released August 8 2013. Part in film as musician and also worked with Nick Laird-Clowes as session musician on film’s soundtrack. Worked up harmony for “When I Fall In Love” on album soundtrack on iTunes
2013 Justin & the Knights of Valour – played on soundtrack recording.

Worked on many advertising campaigns as session musician and composer.